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Mobile Studio Korea Posted on Tue, June 17, 2008 15:43:43

At the moment we opened a new blog which shows the process of the new show comming up at the first of July in Seoul.please visit:
please read this article:


Mobile Studio Korea Posted on Tue, April 08, 2008 12:38:30

mobile studio L.A,feb.2007
Blog ImageDear People,

I’m busy to realize a new mobile studio
for Seoul( With this web-log I want to built up an
archive of people who are working in mobile situations all around the world.
These people can create their own mobile work-station or work in an already existant
mobile surrounding or structure.


Please be free to add materials.


you! Dirk van Lieshout, Seoul,Korea April 2008.

mobile promotional party campaign,Seoul, of April 2008 Blog Image               mobile drinking facility, Seoul, 11 th April 2008
Blog Image               mobile studio,Dirk van Lieshout Heino,June 2007
Blog ImageBlog Image               see also the Museum of Jurassic Technology:     

Blog ImageSeoul May commercial equipment

Blog Image
Seoul 12th of May
Blog Image               mobile movie film-making
                             Seoul: of May
Blog Imagemobile religion                                                                              

Blog Image               
Blog Image

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first page (cover) of art magazine ‘mobile food’ 
I’m working now on a magazine which reflects ideas about mobilility and the city Seoul. The magazine shows pages of collages,photo’s(sometimes constructed) and drawings, and there won’t be a lot of text.  The magazine will be distributed at the end of June.
Dirk van Lieshout,Seoul, 10th of June 2008 

Blog Image2 page of magazine ‘mobile food’ June. 

Blog ImageBlog Imagepage out of the magazine ‘mobile food’ 

Blog Imageat the opening: Koreans reading the Mobile Food’  magazine     Blog Image                             the exhibition: self-made cardboard boxes with drawings and text about ‘social mobile transport                                                                      Blog Image

Blog Image“Korean delivery guys’ are bringing the boxes to the gallery space. 

Blog Image‘delivery guy’ on the way to the gallery                                         Blog Imagemy drawings (printed) about mobile transport in Seoul. These drawings weretransported to the gallery by ‘Korean delivery guys’ 

Blog ImageBlog Image‘mobile food advertisement’ promoting our ‘Mobile Food Magazine’ Blog ImageMore ‘Koreans’ visit our ‘Mobile food exhibition’..

Blog ImageBlog ImageDuring the exhibition days, the gallery space changed into an storage ofself made boxes with drawings about mobile social Korean transport.     


Mobile Studio Korea Posted on Mon, March 31, 2008 04:20:19